Program Goals

  • Provide the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship that will inspire personal and professional success.
  • Provide students with growth and developmental opportunities.
  • Allow faculty and staff to play a key role in the development of students beyond the classroom.
  • Assist students in finding, understanding and utilizing campus resources.
  • Aid in retention and persistence of racially underrepresented students at Mississippi State University.
  • Fosters intentional and meaningful relationships between faculty/staff and students.
  • Sensitize more faculty and staff to important issues that minority students experience on the campus.

Program Structure

  • Time Frame - One Academic Calendar Year
  • Target Audience - Underrepresented sophomore and transfer students.
  • Mentee/Mentor Training offered online & face-to-face. Must be completed prior to first meeting.
  • Each Mentee (student) will be assigned to One Mentor (Faculty/Staff Member).
  • Mentees must connect with Mentors once per month to remain eligible.
  • Responsibilities of Mentor listed below.

Mentee Requirements

Mentor Requirements