PAWS Mentor Responsibilities

Overview of Mentor Responsibilities

  • Mentor must be a sophomore, junior, or senior of Mississippi State University
  • Must enroll in the mentor training seminar, a 1 credit course geared towards preparing students to be well rounded mentors, either before becoming a mentor or the first semester as a mentor
  • Must be willing to aid first-year and transfer students in becoming acclimated to the university academically and socially
  • Must attend at least 4 P.A.W.S. meetings per semester
  • Must attend at least 2 P.A.W.S. sponsored events including community service, events for the mentees, or other relevant events
  • Must meet with your assigned mentee at least once a month and submit a meeting report by the 15th of the following month
  • Attend the mandatory P.A.W.S. Welcome Back Event


  • Provide support to underrepresented first-year students
  • Develop leadership, interpersonal, and professional skills
  • Opportunity to serve the Mississippi State University community
  • Opportunity to assist in the growth and development of an underrepresented student

Mentors serve as referral agents, friends, guides, and resources for incoming first-year students. Their main goal is to help facilitate a successful transition for underrepresented first-year and transfer students to Mississippi State University. They provide support and guidance to their mentees.

Mentor Application